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Forensic Science & Law: Special Topics

special topics

Researching forensics can be tricky because it covers a lot of different topics in the sciences. Below is a list of general topics which contain specific forensics and law sub-topics.


Toxicology: The study of toxic substances such as poisons and drugs.

Serology: The study of human fluids such as blood and saliva.


Genetics: The study of an organism's hereditary features and particularly the use of DNA analysis for criminal investigations.

Entomology: The study of insects, particularly the ones which are present during different phases of decomposition.

Anatomy: The study of the physical structure of organisms, particularly humans and other animals.

Criminal Justice

Ballistics, Firearms, and Explosives: A branch of physics focusing on the effects of projectiles and weapons such as bullets, guns, and bombs.

Fingerprinting: An investigation method relying on the individual characteristics of fingertips, hands, and feet to connect person(s) to a particular location or object.

Blood Spatter Analysis: Also called bloodstain pattern analysis, it is the application of physics and anatomy to blood and its movement.

Law: Rules set up by a community to dictate acceptable rules of behavior and possible punishments for crimes.

Related fields include Abnormal Psychology, Anthropology, Journalism, Physics, and Ethics.

Use the drop-down menu under the Research tab to find databases for each of these subjects.

All of these topics are covered by the FORENSICNetBase database.

FORENSICNetBase is the most important database for Forensic Science & Law. Here are some books on forensics available through the Gumberg Library.

multidisciplinary databases

If you're getting started or having trouble, use these general databases for your research.

featured forensics books

research guides

Here is a list of Gumberg Library guides that cover research regardless of topic.