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Gumberg Library Strategic Plan: Current SMART Goals

SMART Goals 2020-2021

Below is a list of the Library’s current SMART goals. The goal is listed under the primary strategic initiative with subsequent SI numbers in parentheses.

Previously accomplished goals and modified goals are represented in the archived list. 

Teaching and Learning: Gumberg Library will contribute to student success through innovative instruction and faculty and staff partnerships that focus on learners as critical and creative thinkers and knowledge producers.

1. Continue a graduate student dissertation writing circle for students across the university working in phenomenology for the AY 2020-2021 (GLSP 1.1) (Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center)

Successfully execute the 2021 Symposium in Spring 2021 (GLSP 1.1, 1.3, 5) (Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center)

Develop several strategic initiatives for liaisons, capitalizing on the lessons learned from the shift to enhanced virtual services, including instruction, collection development, and promotion of OER by June 30, 2021 (GLSP 3, 6) (Liaison Committee)

Explore submitting a Big Read grant application to develop co-curricular programming around a book on a relevant topic to the campus community by January 2021. (Administration)

1.1. Integrate the Social Justice Reading Club into an Education course and move programming online for the Fall 2020 semester. (Music) 

Explore ways to support the new IMMEA project at the School of Music by June 30, 2021. (Music)

Explore and develop SSPC’s online presence during AY 2020-2021 through media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. (GLSP 3.1, 3.2, 4.3) (Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center)

1.2. Adapt UCOR 100 and UCOR 103 instruction to Hyflex mode by August 2020. (GLSP 1.5, DUSI 1, 3) (Teaching Research & Engagement)

Revise LibGuides, FAQs, and online tutorials to reflect updated catalog interface and website changes, remove obsolete guides, and reassign guide ownership to current staff members by December 2020. (GLSP 2, 3) (Teaching Research & Engagement)

1.3. Create and support opportunities for all staff to participate in training, activities, and events both in person and online that highlight an inclusive culture for staff and patrons alike (June 30, 2021) (GLSP 6, 7.1, 7.2) (Professional Development Committee) 

Plan and coordinate two professional development events, one ONLINE in fall and one in spring (GLSP 6, GLSP 7.1) (Professional Development Committee)

Plan and coordinate the winter in-service staff retreat including assessment by January 2021 (with contingency plan related to Covid-19 preventing in person meeting) (GLSP 7.1) (Professional Development Committee)

Plan and coordinate the summer in-service staff ONLINE (as related to Covid-10 restrictions) retreat including assessment by September 2020. (GLSP 7.1) (Professional Development Committee)

1.5. Teach UCOR100 online and with a social justice theme course by June 30, 2021. (Music)

Library Spaces: Gumberg Library will offer collaborative virtual and physical spaces that inspire research and learning.

2. Complete physical re-arrangement of Archives and Special Collections and create a new shelf list by June 30, 2021. (Archives)

2.1. Plan Phase Two of the 5th floor renovation, including relocating the print music collection, removing the shelving, removing the individual study rooms, designing the space, selecting furniture and placing orders, capitalizing funds by early Spring 2021. (Building Committee)

Replace and upgrade security camera equipment per recommendation of Public Safety by June 30, 2021. (Building Committee)

Explore space redesign of the CMS offices on the 1st floor by June 30, 2021. (Building Committee)

Continue contributing to the design plans for the 3rd floor medical library by June 30, 2021. (Building Committee)

Support all of the logistical arrangements to conclude Phase One of the 5th floor renovation (by July 2020) and begin planning for Phase Two (by June 30, 2021) (Administration)

2.4. Work toward completing the General Collection Assessment and Deselection project by Fall 2021. (Collections & Metadata Services)

Participate in building and collection management projects in order to enhance current spaces and prepare for future use through June 30, 2021. (GLSP 3.3) (Access Services)

2.6. Assist in finding and providing creative solutions for an upcoming academic year full of uncertainty (Fall 2020) (Systems and Scholarly Communications)

Update and implement agile patron-centered services to accommodate possible abrupt changes in traditional in-person services due to COVID-19 safety measures through June 30, 2021. (GLSP 3.2, 7.1, 7.5) (Access Services)

Access to Information: Gumberg Library will provide an expert level of service that enhances the discoverability of information and connects users to needed resources.

3. Review and update all Collection Development policies to support changing collection management strategies by 12/2020 (Collections & Metadata Services)

Add all new materials to the Collection by June 30, 2021. (Cataloging/Processing)

Create a greater online presence for the Archives, Special Collections and OHI on social media by June 30, 2021 (GLSP 4.3) (Archives)

Add additional oral histories to Institutional Repository and new finding aids to ArchivesSpace by June 30, 2021 (Archives)

By May 2021, make updates to reference training materials necessitated by the move to a new online system and new landing pages. Updates will also reflect any training gaps revealed by a review of current chat transcripts and LibAnswers data. (Shared Service Points Committee)

Complete review and weeding of the general collection by Spring 2021. (GLSP 2, & 7.3) (Liaison Committee)

Explore collaboration with the DU Staff Council and appropriate University resources to enhance and increase Curriculum Center service to staff and faculty by June 30, 2021. (GLSP 4, 6, & 7) (Curriculum Center)

Continue to increase the social media presence of the Curriculum Center in collaboration with the social media committee by June 30, 2021 (GLSP 6) (Curriculum Center)

Continue to update the existing Curriculum Center webpage to accurately portray our mission and support our diverse user base by June 30, 2021 (GLSP 6 & 7) (Curriculum Center)

3.1. Conduct usability testing on the redesigned website (Spring 2021) (Web Committee)

Perform accessibility navigation testing on each of the 4 sub-pages to gain an appreciation for the importance of accessibility and make necessary improvement (June 2021) (Web Committee)

3.2. Investigate digital score databases by June 30, 2021. (Music)

Work to ensure that the second issue of the Duquesne Journal of Phenomenology is on track to be published in October 2021. (GLSP 5.3) (Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center)

3.3. Weed ML and MT collections in preparation for the move to the 1st floor by February 2021. (Music)

Review and offer feedback on the updated Collection Development Policy by June 30, 2021. (Liaison Committee)

Special Collections: Gumberg Library will develop and preserve rare and unique primary sources and specialized collections curated by experts.

4. Relocate the Music Collection from the 5th floor down into the 1st Floor Compact Shelving by 6/2021. (Collections & Metadata Services)

Update University Archives and Oral History Initiative Policies and Procedures to keep up with best practices by June 30, 2021. (GLSP 7) (Archives)

Collaborate with the Advancement team on fundraising initiatives, gifts acquisition and Deed of Gift Processing, and donor relations by June 30, 2021. (Administration)
4.1. Successful spend all funds from Phen Pres to enhance and develop collection by June 30, 2021. (Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center)

4.3. Upload the holdings of our bound periodical collection to OCLC by June 30, 2021. (Cataloging/Processing)

Add all new finding aids to Archive/Space and make them discoverable in Quick Search by June 30, 2021. (Cataloging/Processing)

4.4. Begin populating the new archival digital storage solution with 5 TB of data (June 2021) (Systems and Scholarly Communications)


Research and Scholarship: Gumberg Library will participate in original research and publishing efforts, make the scholarly activity of Duquesne accessible, and enhance the scholarly impact of the university.

5. Coordinate travel and professional development funding for Library Faculty to meet this goal and schedule quarterly brown bag lunch meetings to share significant findings throughout the academic year 21-22. (Administration)

5.3. Continue to develop expertise across unit staff in SQL, Springshare suite, Python, copyright management, and scholarly communications by (June 2021) (Systems and Scholarly Communications)

5.6. Develop a strategy for data set management (acquisition, storage, training) by June 2021. (Systems and Scholarly Communications)

Engagement in Community: Gumberg Library will collaborate with campus and regional communities to create meaningful activities.

6.1. Continue to increase rate and variety of posting across platforms. (On going through June 2021) (Social Media Committee)

6.3. Feature Institutional Repository on the library’s social media on a bi-weekly basis throughout 2020-2021 (a carry-over goal from the previous fiscal year) (June 2021) (Systems and Scholarly Communications)

Develop a public-facing report or dashboard with highlights from the annual report that demonstrate successful strategic planning priorities by June 30, 2021. (GLSP 7) (Strategic Planning Committee)

Organizational effectiveness: Gumberg Library proactively adapts to changing needs of library users, based on professional standards and sound stewardship principles.

7. Document the discussions and presentations in the Employee Toolkit monthly. (Liaison Committee)

Examine roles, responsibilities, and services within the unit in order to develop proposal(s) to meet current and anticipated needs by January 2021. (Teaching Research & Engagement)

Complete collection assessment deselection decisions by February 28, 2021. (Teaching Research & Engagement)

Cross train and prepare for the anticipated retirement of the Acquisition Accounting Specialist by June 30, 2021. (Collections & Metadata Services)

Revisit the philosophy of service statement and finalize by Dec 2020 and review the vision and mission statements and update, if needed, by June 2021. (Strategic Planning Committee)

Reconvene the mid-year goals check with unit, department, and committee leaders by Jan 2021. (Strategic Planning Committee)

Considering the release of COUNTER 5 forgathering electronic resource usage data, CMS staff will research best practices and review the process for gathering usage data by 12/2020. (Collections & Metadata Services)

7.1. Work with library leadership to explore inviting new members of the staff and faculty to join the Assessment Committee, and invite new members by (September 2020) (Assessment Committee)

Support the professional development of all members of ASD, but particularly in the area of diversity and inclusion by June 30, 2021 (GLSP 7.4) (Access Services)

7.2. Recruit library staff and faculty to form a task force that will work with the Assessment Committee to offer the LibQUAL+ survey to the campus by March 2021. (DUSI 5) (Assessment Committee)

Coordinate CITI IRB training for all committee and task force members who will be working with LibQUAL+ implementation or data by June 30, 2021. (DUSI5) (Assessment Committee)

Analyze LibQUAL+ results and create a report summarizing them for the library leadership team and staff by June 2021 (DUSI 5) (Assessment Committee)

Measure library effectiveness through systematic data analysis and standardized library and university metrics by June 30, 2021 (Electronic Resources Review Committee)

Collaborate with the Assessment Committee to use LibQUAL+ results in updating/developing strategic priorities for 21-22. (Strategic Planning Committee)

7.3. Audit library graphics in Gumberg-associated Canva accounts. Develop an organizational    strategy to store and share graphics and images (Ongoing through June 2021) (Social Media Committee)

Contribute to promotions for events such as the Big Read Keynote Talk, Duquesne Votes!, and other library-hosted events (On going through June 2021) (Social Media Committee)

7.4. Review and update the goal related to equity, diversity, and inclusion to be in alignment with the University DI masterplan by Dec 2020. (Strategic Planning Committee)