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Fairy Tales: A Research Guide: Search for Yourself

Snow White by Carl Offterdinger,19th century. Wikimedia Commons

Use the classic version of the online catalog to find out which books, CDs, DVDs, musical scores, and other kinds of information sources are owned by or are accessible through, the Gumberg Library.

Search for Yourself Using the Advanced Search


A very powerful and flexible way to search the online catalog is the Advanced Search. To get to the Advanced Search screen, you must first get to the Classic Catalog. You may do so by clicking the blue button in the box on the left side of the screen.

Once on the Classic Catalog screen, click the Advanced Search link.


So when might you use the Advanced Search?

If you click on one of the subject headings in the boxes on the "Find Books" tab and find too many books to look through (as you will with "Fairy tales") you may want to use the Advanced Search to limit your results to more precisely what you are looking for.

Let's say you wanted to use the Advanced Search to search through all the books on the subject of "Fairy tales" for only the ones dealing with women. On the Advanced Search screen, you could type "Fairy tales" in the first search box. You could then pull down the menu to the right of the search box and choose "Subject" to limit your search to only the books on the subject of "Fairy tales." ln the second box you could type "woman." You might also want to type the operator "OR" followed by the word "women" so that the search would find both singular and plural of that word. Leave the menu to the left of that search box set for "Any Field." This will tell the search engine to look for "woman" or "women" in any field of the records that are on the subject of "Fairy Tales."