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Raising Your Scholarly Profile: Promoting

Things to Think About...

For many academics, publicizing and promoting scholarship is a foreign concept. However, by promoting your scholarship you can help additional audiences to find it, which can lead to new opportunities for collaboration, interest from disciplines other than your own, and public interest.

Campus Resources

Campus Resources

Campus resources are available to help you publicize your scholarship when appropriate. Consult with your dean or department chairs for related policies in your school or unit.

Media Relations

Duquesne's Media Relations department can help "...generate interest in newsworthy events, research and topical subjects impacting the local and national landscape."

Visit Media Relations' DORI page for more information:
DORI-->Staff Tab-->Public Affairs (link in the list at the top left)-->Media Relations (link on the left).

Faculty Pages

Keep your faculty page up-to-date with recent publications, projects, and grants.


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