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Patient and Healthcare Professional Narratives: Online Resources

Notable Authors

Oliver Sacks

A neurologist with the NYU School of Medicine, Sacks has written twelve books about how humans are impacted by the mysterious functions of their brains. Multiple films and stage plays have been produced based on his writings. Over his long career, he has received dozens of awards, citations, and fellowships, as well as being awarded the rank of Commander of the British Empire.

Lee Gutkind

Called The Godfather of Creative Nonfiction, Gutkind is a master of the form, which tells true stories with the personal and emotional heft of narrative fiction. Many of Gutkind's 30 books are related to health care and health care practitioners. He has received awards for journalism and for public service.

Studying Narrative Medicine

Interactive Programs

The Neighborhood is an online program that allows students to easily connect the concepts they learn to the clinical setting, through virtual patient experience in a safe environment. Presenting unfolding stories in a serialized format about a virtual community, episodes include videos, photos, medical records and text to highlight the circumstances that surround and affect the health of the community members. Like a TV show, your students "tune in" to The Neighborhood, starting in their first semester, and immerse themselves in stories told from the perspective of both patients and nurses. (from The Neighborhood)

(screenshot from The Neighborhood)

Stilwell Virtual Community tells the story of the Stilwell community, in the fictional city of Brigstow, and brings to life the people who live there, their experiences and interactions. (from Stilwell Education)

(screenshot from Stilwell Education)


Official trailer for the film version of John Green's fictional cancer drama, The Fault in Our Stars.

Julia Sweeney, formerly of Saturday Night Live, describes how illness changed her life and family in God Said, "Ha!"

Comedian Tig Notaro talks about her standup show, Live, where she found herself working through her recent cancer diagnosis in front of a live audience.

Susannah Cahalan, the author of Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness speaks at a TED conference.

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