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Psychology Resources: ProQuest Psych Journals


Greek letter "Psi" - Symbol for Psychology

Public Domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Proquest Psychology Journals

A resource that can be used to supplement what you find in PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES is the ProQuest Psychology Journals database. It is not so comprehensive an index of the discipline as is PsycINFO, citing only articles from journals.

Facts about the ProQuest Psychology Journals database:

  • 575 journals in Psychology and related disciplines are indexed
  • It provides full text from 485 journals
  • It does not have as good a Thesaurus as PsycINFO. PsycINFO subject headings do not work here.

Click the link below to start searching the ProQuest Psychology Journals database.  If you want to use the database off campus, you will need to first enter you Multipass username and password.

Finding Full Text

Many of the Gumberg Library databases supply not only bibliographic citations for articles, but full text as well. To learn about how to know in if full text is available in any our our resources, click the link below for a page that describes this in detail.