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UpToDate: Searching Lexicomp

About Lexi-Interact Online

Lexi-Interact Online combines the world's literature and scientific understanding of drug interactions with a state-of-the-art electronic platform, providing an efficient way to ensure that adverse drug events don't compromise the care of patients.

Accessing Lexicomp Through UpToDate

Lexicomp drug information is directly integrated into UpToDate. 

Go to UpToDate and enter a drug name in the New Search box then click Search:



Notice your results display the generic drug name:

Click a record to view the Lexicomp information. From the record, you will also see a link that allows you to access additional results in Lexicomp Online:



Performing a Search in Lexi-Interact Online

In addition to having access to Lexicomp Online, you can also directly search Lexi-Interact to view drug interactions. 

Under the UpToDate search box, click Drug Interactions:



Enter drug name in the search box then click Lookup:


Click the drug name to view record:



By default, you will see all categories of potential interactions. To change this, select the desired risk rating from the drop-down menu:



For example, selecting X from the drop-down menu will only show you drugs to avoid combining Lunesta with:


Lexicomp User Guides

For more information on using Lexicomp, try the following resource guides and tutorials.

Lexicomp Risk Ratings

A: No Known Interaction

B: No Needed Action

C: Monitor Therapy

D: Consider Therapy Modification

X: Avoid Combination

For more details, click here.


Ask a Librarian if you need help using Lexicomp.