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Africa: Revealed Through Literature: Poetry & Plays

Get to know African peoples and their cultures through their own writings


Image: Helmet Mask, before 1800, Bamum tribe, Cameroon. Matropolitan Museum of Art. Used under CC-A-SA-2.5-G. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Learn About the Authors

Two Gumberg databases will help you learn more about the authors of the books on this research guide: Contemporary Authors and the Literature Resource Center. Click on a link below to enter a database, then type the author's name in the search box and click Search.

To access these databases off-campus, you will need to enter your Multipass username and password when you click on the database link.



In each of the boxes on this page, some of the books are electronically available and some are traditional paper books.

For those electronically available, you will see the phrase "Electronic Book" in parenthesis after the title. To read them, click on the title. If you want to read any of them off-campus, you will need to enter your Multipass information when you click on the title.

You can tell which are traditional paper books because after the title and author information the call number and location will be given.