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Classics - Search the Online Catalog Yourself: Home

Ulysses tied to the mast while sailing past the island of the Sirens, mosaic, Bardo Museum, Tunis, 2nd century A.D. Photo by Rais67. Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Use the QuickSearch Advanced Catalog Search for greater precision in your searching for books, DVDs, CDs, musical scores, etc. in the Gumberg Library collection.

Other Ways to Search For Materials in Classics

There is no limit to the topics in Classics that you can search for in the Quick Search online catalog. On the previous page we created searches on general topics to get you started in exploring the book collection. But there are literally thousands of possibilities, whether you search for the names of people, places, historical events, concepts, works by ancient authors, or works about ancient authors and the things they wrote. On this page we just want to give some suggestions on efficient ways to proceed.

The types of searches demonstrated below are performed using the QuickSearch Advanced Catalog Search. To get to the QuickSearch Advanced interface, click the blue button on the left side of the screen.


Search by Subject

The default search in the online catalog is a Keyword search. This means that when you search and do not direct the search engine to do otherwise, it simply finds every catalog record where a word or combination of words appears. This can give you an overwhelming number of irrelvant items that you need to sift through to find just what you want. Very inefficient.

A better way to get started is to try searching for you topic as a Subject. This means the search engine will only retrieve items where your word or phrase is listed as the subject, meaing a more relevant result for you. To search by Subject, type what you are looking for in the first Search box. But don't immediately press Search. Instead change the menu to the left of the Search box from Keyword  to Subject. Then press Search. See image below.

If this does not get you anything, or not enough, then change the menu back to Keyword and try that.


Advanced Field Search

The QuickSearch Advanced Catalog Search permits you to look for words or phrases in different sections of catalog records and allows you to be much more specific. Let's say you ran a search on the previous page and got too many hits (as you would with a subject heading like "Greece - History").

On the QuickSearch Advanced Search screen, type the subject heading you wish to narrow in the first box  and change the menu to the left of the search box to Subject. Then type a word you would like to add to narrow your search in the second search box and change to menu to the left of the search box to Subject as well. This means you will be looking for your search terms only as subjects, giving you a much more narrowed and exact result. Then press Search. See image below.


Search for Works by an Ancient Author

Students may find it necessary to search QuickSearch to see if the Gumberg Library owns the works of an ancient author. To do this, on the search screen, type the name of the author whose works you are searching for in the first search box, then change the menu to the left of the search box to Author. Press Search. This will retrieve all materials by that ancient author. See image below.


Search for Works About an Ancient Author

To find all secondary works (literary criticism) about an ancient author, type the author's name in the first Search box, but change the menu to Subject. Then click Search. See image below.


Search for Books About a Work of Ancient Literature

To find secondary critical works about a work of ancient literature, type the title of the work in the Basic Search box, then change the menu to Subject. Click Search. See image below.



Help is Available!

If you need help at any point with searching the Quick Search online catalog, click on the Ask A Librarian link on the blue ribbon across the top of the screen. Or contact me, Ted Bergfelt, Humanities Librarian and creator of this page. My email address is and my phone number is 412.396.5351. I will be happy to assist you.