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Google Scholar

This guide provides information on the pros/cons of using Google Scholar in the academic setting to supplement library resources.

Set preferences in Google Scholar:

To link directly from Google Scholar to Gumberg Library's resources, you must first set your preferences.

Set your preferences with the following steps.

A screenshot of the main page of Google Scholar with the "hamburger" menu in the top left outlined

  • Click the settings icon

A screenshot of the expanded hamburger menu with the settings icon outlined

  • Select Library links on the Scholar Preferences page

A screenshot of the Google Scholar Setting page, with "Library links" outlined

  • Search for "Duquesne" and other libraries in the Find Library search box
  • Select "Duquesne University - FullTextFinder@Duquesne," "WorldCat," "ProQuest," and any other institutions you are affiliated with

A screenshot of the "Library Links" search bar, with "Duquesne" typed into the bar. The options for FullTextFinder@Duquesne, WorldCat, and ProQuest are checked

  • If you see other Duquesne University links, do not select them, click save