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Resources for Department Chairs: Electronic Resources

Recommended Periodicals

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This journal for academic leaders covers such topics as: Improving teaching and learning, legal or social trends affecting higher education, student recruitment, admissions, and enrollment, working with faculty, teaching online, student retention, success, and well-being, campus security and safety, administration challenges, distance education, complying with federal law, and  risk management and liability.

The open-access Journal of Academic Leadership is aimed at those in the academic world who are dedicated to advancing the field through their research. ALJ provides an array of articles and essays that speak to the major issues of the field faced by those in leadership roles across all content areas and disciplines – from classroom instructors to university presidents.


Change is a magazine dealing with contemporary issues in higher learning. It is intended to stimulate and inform reflective practitioners in colleges, universities, corporations, government, and elsewhere. Using a magazine format rather than that of an academic journal, Change spotlights trends, provides new insights and ideas, and analyzes the implications of educational programs, policies, and practices.


Written for academic administrators,  this newsletter features in-depth articles that deliver sound insight and proven strategies essential for successfully leading an academic department, including such topics as faculty governance, faculty leadership, conflict management, department management, faculty evaluation, student evaluation, and assessment.


This journal is dedicated to disseminating research-based and practical information to assist community and technical college leaders achieve academic excellence.


The Center for Teaching Excellence maintains an electronic reserves site for department chairs. Current affiliates of Duquesne University can gain access to the electronic reserves site by contacting Laurel Willingham-McLain. Many of the books and journals from which these excerpts are taken are available through Gumberg Library or the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Some of the documents included on this site are:

Bissell, B.  Handling conflict with difficult faculty.  Managing people: A guide for department chairs and deans. Daryl R. Leaming, ed.

Brownell, J. & Swaner, L.  (2009).  Outcomes of high-impact educational practices: A literature review.  Diversity and Democracy 12:2, 4-6.

Byrnes, R.  (2009).  The 4% principle.  Inside Higher Ed, July 13.

Davis, E.  (2008). Colleges need to offer clear paths to leadership.  Chronicle of Higher Education,  54:45.

Eagly, A. & Carli, L.  (2007).  Women and the labyrinth of leadership.  Harvard Business Review, Sept. 2007:62-71.

Fish, S. (2009).  The rise and fall of academic abstention. The New York Times, October 12.

Laursen, S. & Roque, B.  (2009). Faculty development for institutional change: Lessons from an advance project.

Sorcinelli, M.D.  (2007).  Faculty development: The challenge going forward.  peerReview, Fall 2007.

Wheeler, D.  (2002).  Chairs as institutional leaders.  Field Guide to Academic Leadership, Robert Diamond and Bronwyn Adam, eds.