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Physical Therapy: Research

This is a guide for Physical Therapy students to assist in researching, writing, learning, networking, and more.

Gumberg Library Quick Links


This section of the guide contains resources available both through the Gumberg Library and online. These resources will assist physical therapy students find relevant information.

There are five different research pages:

  1. Databases- This list of recommended databases includes articles and other materials from Gumberg's electronic resources and freely available open access resources.
  2. eBooks/Books- This page contains information about finding and borrowing books and eBooks through the Gumberg Library.
  3. Evidence Based Practice- Evidence Based Practice is an important element of healthcare practice. This page contians information about EBP and the available resources.
  4. Drug Information- Drug Information includes a variety of resources available online about perscription drugs.
  5. Mobile Resources- This page contains information about Gumberg's mobile resources and other health related resources available for mobile devices.

Physical Therapy