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Environmental Justice

A Gumberg Library Research Guide

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In this box you will see examples of some of the kinds of searches you can do in the DUQSearch online catalog or a database on the "Additional Research Tools" page.

Synonyms for the term "Indigenous Communities"

  • Indians of North America"
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Native Americans
  • First Nations (Used in Canada)

Example searches for Indigenous Communities and specific environmental issues

  • Water pollution AND Native Americans
  • Nuclear Waste AND Indigenous Peoples
  • Endangered species AND Apache

Selected Books on Environmental Justice and Indigenous Communities

"Indigenous peoples are among the first to face the direct consequences of climate change, due to their dependence upon, and close relationship, with the environment and its resources. Climate change exacerbates the difficulties already faced by indigenous communities including political and economic marginalization, loss of land and resources, human rights violations, discrimination and unemployment."

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