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Anatomy & Physiology

This guide links to anatomy and physiology sources available through Gumberg and the web.

Images and Videos

Academic Video Online 

Academic Video Online (Alexander Street Press) includes more than 1,500 anatomy and 2,400 physiology videos of varied quality. Click the links below to see selected videos. You can also try searching for specific topics.


You can see videos of actual lab experiments in JoVE Neuroscience and JoVE Medicine.

The sites below offer anatomical images or videos; click the logo to be taken to the site.

"The initial aim of the Visible Human Project is to create a digital image dataset of complete human male and female cadavers in MRI, CT, and anatomical modes."

The Human Brain Atlas from Michigan State University provides MRI images of living human brains.


MedlinePlus videos show anatomy, as well as how diseases affect the body


University of Michigan's Hypermuscle: Muscles in Action has videos of muscle movement including flexion, extension, and more.