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APA 7th Edition

Learn how to use and cite within APA Style

What's New?

What's New in the 7th Edition?

One space after a period at the end of a sentence!

Quotation marks are now used around examples, rather than italics.

New guidelines to distinguish professionals and students using APA style, format, and organization.

  • ​Two samples papers - one for pros, one for students!

  • Running head no longer required for students & simplified for pros.

Addresses inclusivity and bias-free guidelines.

  • Endorses the singular "they."

  • Best practices for socioeconomic status and intersectionality.

In-text citations simplified.

  • Three or more authors shortened to name of first author plus "et al."

  • Examples of paraphrasing provided to show clear attribution without over-citation.

New style references!

  • Up to 20 authors included in a reference entry before names are omitted with an ellipsis.

  • DOIs and URLs are now presented as underlined hyperlinks

    • The label of "DOI" is no longer used 

    • "Retrieved from" is only used when a retrieval date is needed

  • Journal article references always include the issue number.

  • Book references now omit the publisher location.