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Academic Writer

A guide to help educators navigate and use APA's Academic Writer.


The Learning Center shows students how to do research, write within APA guidelines, and use bias-free language. This center provides quick guides, tutorials, and various sample references (papers, references, tables, and figures).


There are 71 quick guides available about writing bias-free, citation, style mechanics, paper organization, and tables and figures. These guides can give students a basic introduction to the elements of APA style; they are interactive and may take around 15 minutes each to complete. For an example of a quick guide, look at the Bias-Free Language guide about Socioeconomic Status



18 in-depth tutorials are available about important research and writing topics that a writer would have to consider as she writes a paper or manuscript under APA guidelines. Each tutorial may take around 30-45 minutes to complete. For an example of a tutorial, look at the Research tutorial about How to Find Reliable Sources.



200+ sample references are offered within the Learning Center: papers, a multitude of references (books, journals, online resources such as social media, legal documents, reviews, unpublished works, etc.), tables, and figures.