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Ongoing Library Projects and Training: Gumberg Library

Ongoing Library Projects and Trainings

Ongoing Projects

Basic Metadata Recording Guidelines:

Click the project you want to work on, then:

  • Choose an Issue
  • Click on an article (do one at a time), and Download it
  • In a word document, record:
    • Which issue you're working on
    • The starting page (you may have to go to the second page to find the first page number)
    • Write down title of article
    • The author (may be at the beginning, but may also be at the very end of the article)
    • Make sure to record info exactly as it appears – diacritic marks are important
    • The ending page
  • Save to a Word document or Excel spreadsheet (this will depend on the project), and send it via an email attachment

If more than one article, just move on to the next one

Click on each article separately, and record each issue separately

For multi-volume works, go from oldest to newest

Training Opportunities

Time Sensitive Webinars/Trainings