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Nursing Alumni: Home

This is a guide to help nursing alumni find medical resources, libraries, clinical and professional information, and more

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Welcome to the Nursing Alumni guide! The purpose of this guide is to assist School of Nursing alumni in their efforts to locate and access nursing and medical information resources.

Many School of Nursing students and graduates ask whether they will still be able to access all of the online resources Gumberg Library provides to students. Unfortunately, the library’s contracts with vendors and publishers limit off-campus access to current Duquesne students. However, there are still many resources that are available to you as an alumnus, and this guide is one of them.

This website will direct you to information resources available free of charge including journal articles, drug information, patient education, and professional websites. It also provides tips on how to get information that’s not freely available, with specific instructions based on your practice setting. For alumni in the Pittsburgh area, it includes information about services and collections available to you within Gumberg Library (such as access to all the online journals, borrowing books, and more). 

One of the important things to remember is that the librarians are still available to help you as an alumnus. For any questions about Gumberg Library's alumni services or for help finding information, please contact David Nolfi, Gumberg's Health Sciences Librarian, at 412.396.4931 or

What are the major topics of this guide?

This guide is organized into six main parts- Home, Library Services, Research, Writing, Clinical, and Professional.

Library Services provides recommendations where alumni can find library resources and services.

The Research section divides farther into five separate categories.

  1. Databases,
  2. Literature Searching,
  3. PubMed Full Text,
  4. Books, and
  5. eBooks

The Writing section contains resources, services, and other guides to help you write more effectively. This divides into three sections

  1. Cover Letters, CVs, & Resumes,
  2. RefWorks, and
  3. Style Guides & Publications

Clinical contains resources for nurses working in clinical settings.

  1. Drug Information,
  2. Evidence Based Practice,
  3. Patient Education, and
  4. Mobile Resources

The final section, Professional, is divided into four sections to assist in career development.

  1. Accreditation/Certification,
  2. Continuing Education,
  3. Employment, and
  4. Professional Organizations

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