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A guide on the resources available in AccessMedicine

Multimedia Resources in AccessMedicine

  • The multimedia library features modules, videos, lectures audio recording, and animations of medical procedures, examinations, and resources

Highlights in the Multimedia collection

Complete Female Anatomy Animation Module from AccessMedicine

full anatomy of female body with link to video

Using Multimedia in Lectures or Projects

  • You can download images from AccessMedicine found in book chapters or by using the search box
  • You can add a link to videos or animations 

How to download images

  • When you want download an image or graph from AccessMedicine, click on "Download Slide" beneath the image, and a PowerPoint slide will download 

schematic of  structures of blood vessel showing how to download to powerpoint circled

  • Copyright information will be included in the slide
  • If you just copy the image or use a link, please make sure to cite any image you use


  • Connect your lecture or project to videos, animations and audio files from AccessMedicine by adding a link
  • You can add a link to  AccessMedicine content in Blackboard
  • Use the AccessMedicine page from the Persistent Links guide to see how make links that work off-campus!