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UCOR 102: Modern War (Dr. Suh): Home

This guide will help you find information from many disciplines on wars of the 20th century

American's wearing gas masks during World War I. Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons

E-Reference Collections

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Other Useful Information

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For research assistance, contact:

Ted Bergfelt, MLS

Humanities Librarian

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Welcome to this Gumberg Library research guide designed to connect students in Dr. Suh's UCOR 102 class to interdisciplinary materials on various wars of modern times. It will link you to reference works, print and electronic, good for finding basic information, to books (Ebooks and print), which will help you to dig deeply into your chosen topics, and to databases in many fields, to find magazine and journal articles from today and from the past. While Dr, Suh is mainly interested in having you find materials in other disciplines to use in your analyses of the poems, short stories, and novels you are reading and the films you are viewing, the third tab on the guide will take you to a webpage designed to help you find more traditional literary criticism should you desire to go in that direction.

Print Reference Works