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Streaming Videos: Ambrose Digital

Ambrose Digital

Ambrose Digital features over 600 HD streaming videos. No matter what you're interested in or studying, there is most likely a video on it! This page features a small sample of what Ambrose offers, as well as some search tips.

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getting started

Search tips

On the Ambrose page, you can scroll through the videos or use the Search feature to find subjects you're interested in.

Ambrose search

When you find a video you'd like to watch, you can either watch the entire program, or click on the chapter you want to view. If you hover over the "play" button Ambrose will show you the length of each segment.

Play button for programs   Hovering over "play" button

Ambrose even provides citation information and additional materials at the bottom of each video's page:

How to cite Ambrose




Ambrose provides access to the BBC adaptations to 37 Shakespeare plays. These versions are critically acclaimed and boast casts that include Alan Rickman, Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart, John Cleese, and many more.

From the Ambrose Search Page, enter in your search term. You can look for a specific play title or just search for Shakespeare. (Note that the term BBC does not bring back the plays, so don't use that one.)

You can scroll through the results, and when you see a play you want to watch, just click the play button and it will begin streaming.                             

Ambrose search for shakespeare 

BBC Shakespeare

     Or, if you prefer, you can watch Shakespeare: The Animated Tales, which are animated adaptations of 12 plays:Cartoon Shakespeare


   As You Like It                    Hamlet                           Julius Caesar             

    King Richard III                Macbeth                A Midsummer Night's Dream  

    Othello                            Romeo & Juliet            Taming of the Shrew         

    The Tempest                   Twelfth Night                The Winter's Tale



Image by Malene Hald, used under CC2







Art History


Image by Malene Hald, used under CC2   

Machu Picchu



Coral reef

Girl in museum looking at paintings