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How to Find eBooks At Gumberg Library: Home

How to Find EBooks

Gumberg Library can provide you with access to hundreds of thousands of EBooks. But if you do a search in the QuickSearch or Classic Catalogs, you will not find them because the records for them are not contained in the catalog. So how do you get to them?

1. Do a search, any kind of search (Author, Title, Subject, or Keyword) in the QuickSearch Catalog. This will bring up a result containing catalog records for printed books only that meet you search criteria.

2. Next, click on the "CatalogPlus" tab. This will take you from the QuickSearch Catalog to QuickSearch CatalogPlus. (QuickSearch CatalogPlus contains printed books, EBooks, magazine and journal articles, and other sorts of materials all mixed up together.)

3. Go to the "Format" menu on the left side of the screen. Look for "EBooks" in that list. Next to that link, if it appears, you will see in parentheses, the number of EBooks meeting your search criteria. Click on "Ebooks" to see the electronic books for that search.

4. If you do not see "EBooks" on the Format menu, go to the bottom of the Format menu and click on "More." This will show you all the different formats of materials available for that search. Find EBooks and click on it to see the electronic books for that search.

If you do not see EBooks listed, it means there are no EBooks for that search.

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