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The Byzantine Catholic Warhol: Home

Learn how faith impacted the life and works of this most-famous Pittsburgh artist


Andy Warhol's name is synonymous with Pop Art and the glamour and decadence of the New York art, club, and cultural scene of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.

But Andy had a secret. He kept it to himself. It did not appear in his work until the last decade of his life. Andy Warhol was a Catholic, a devout Byzantine Catholic, who prayed daily with this mother during the many years she lived with him in New York. He frequently attended mass. One of the greatest moments of his life was when he got to meet Pope (now Saint) John Paul II.

This guide will connect you to resources about Andy Warhol, his up-bringing and faith, and the effect these  things had on his life and art.

Because all of Andy Warhol's art is under copyright and we did not want to put too much strain on fair use, we do not link to any of his art on this guide. But a Google image search for Andy's name combined with any of these words will retrieve many examples of his art on religious subjects: skull, cross, eggs, Last Supper, Jesus, Heaven, Hell.

Selected Books

meets pope

On April 2, 1980, Andy Warhol met Pope John Paul II in St,. Peter's Square. Source

Selected articles

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"The Two Andys" mural by Tom Moser & Sarah Zeffro. Downtown Pittsburgh. Photo by Ted Bergfelt