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Citation Management: Citation Generators

Citation Generators

EasyBib and BibMe are two free citation generators, which format your citations for you. They both use WorldCat to produce their citations, but not everything is in WorldCat, so you may have to manually fill out boxes from time to time. Don't forget to double-check your citations before adding them to your papers - citation generators cite things quickly, but not perfectly! Additionally, these sites will not save your citations (leave that up to citation managers!), so make sure you copy/paste or download your citations before you navigate away from these websites!

EasyBib - MLA only!

Screenshot from EasyBib

Screenshot of EasyBib's MLA citation bar, 2017.

What is it? EasyBib is a free citation generator for MLA only. (All other citation styles require a pro account.) EasyBib can do most, if not all, of your citation work for you! Insert your website URL, book title, article title, etc. into the bar and EasyBib will fill in as many items as possible and guide you through filling any empty boxes. It will then format the information into a citation for you to copy/paste into your paper or citation manager OR export your citations into a bibliography in Word!

Bibme - MLA, APA, Chicago, and more!

Screenshot of BibMeScreenshot of BibMe, 2017.

What is it? Bibme is a free citation generator for APA, MLA, Chicago, and more. BibMe has the same functions as EasyBib - it's even powered by the same company - and is just as easy to use. Follow the steps above and you'll finish your bibliography in no time!