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Catholic Social Thought: Find Books

EBooks on Catholic Social Thought

These EBooks can be used off-campus, however you will need to enter your Multipass username and password to access them. 


Click the button above to visit the CRRA website, home of the Catholic Portal, a catalog of rare, unique, and uncommon Catholic scholarly materials in the library collections of the 40 member institutions of the CRRA. An ever-growing number of the items listed may contain links to the full-text!

Find Books - Catholic Social Thought

An easy way to find all books in the online catalog on a topic is to search by Library of Congress Subject Heading (LCSH) for the particular topic. By searching this way, all items in the catalog under a particular LCSH will be retrieved. The thing is, LSCH are often not intuitive in nature. The LCSH for what the general public might call "Catholic Social Thought" or "Catholic Social Teaching" is one of these headings that you would never guess unless someone told you. The LCSH for "Catholic Social Thought" is:

Christian Sociology - Catholic Church

If you employed this heading in the Classic Catalog or QuickSearch, you would retrieve all items about what we call "Catholic Social Thought."

But to simplify your searching, we have created the links below which will search the online catalog for you. Click on a link to see all books or other items under that heading.

If you want to learn how to access EBooks on this topic, click here. If you want to read any of the electronic books off-campus, you will need to enter your Multipass username and password.

Find Books - Advanced Search

If you click on one of the headings in the box above and get too many items to look through (as will happen with "Christian sociology - Catholic Church"), you can narrow that result to a more specific aspect of the topic by using the Advanced Search in the Classic Catalog.

To access the Classic Catalog,click on the blue button in the box on the right side of the screen.

Once on the Classic Catalog screen, click the Advanced Search link.

Lets say you were interested in finding all the books in the online catalog on " Christian sociology - Catholic Church" that deal with workers or labor. In the first search box we would type the LCSH "Christian sociology - Catholic Church." Then we would open the menu to the left of the search box and change it to "Subject." This will ensure we search for all books under that subject. In the second box we can type the word "labor," followed by the operator OR, and then the word "work." You will notice in the image below that there is an asterisk * at the end of the word "labor" and the word "work." This tells the search engine to look for all forms of those words (which will increase the number of our results). We would leave the menu to the left of the second search box set as "Any Field" to ensure that the search engine looks for all forms of these words every place they might be found. Then we would click Search and the search engine would retrieve for us all items on the subject of Catholic Social Thought (a.k.a "Christian Sociology - Catholic Church"), which also contain in the catalog records some form of the words "labor" or "work."

NOTE: You cannot access EBooks through the Classic Catalog. You need to do this through QuickSearch.


Classic Catalog

Use the classic version of the online catalog to find out which books, CDs, DVDs, musical scores, and other kinds of information sources are owned by or are accessible through, the Gumberg Library.