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Theater Arts: Theater @ Duquesne

The Red Masquers

Click here to access the Red Masquers Announcement Board blog, which includes show updates, casting calls, ticket information, and much more!

The Duquesne University Red Masquers is proud to lay claim to being the oldest amateur theatre company in the city of Pittsburgh. Known as the Red Masquers since 1914, the group traces its roots back to the late 1800s when Duquesne first started to offer an education in dramatics.

Through the years, countless people have made the Red Masquers a part of their experience at Duquesne University, and even more people from inside and outside the University community have attended a Red Masquers production.

In the years that have passed since the founding of the Red Masquers, much has changed for the group, for the university, for the city of Pittsburgh, and for the world. The Duquesne University Red Masquers hopes to give you a moment to pause and reflect on many of the changes that have taken place since its founding.

Duquesne University has grown from a steel-town boarding school to a nationally recognized university, with renowned programs in business, pharmacy and music. The city of Pittsburgh has been transformed from an industrial blight into one of America's "most liveable cities."

What has the Red Masquers accomplished? The Masquers has seen the coming and going of our performance venues, the production of literally hundreds of plays, and survived even through the plethora of curriculum changes that ended the formal study of the theatre arts at Duquesne. The group is made up of quite an amalgam of Duquesne University students from all majors, including pharmacy, business, communications, English, and more. Membership is open to all students in good academic standing and, whether you want to get up in stage or not, the Masquers has something for everyone.

The Masquers has seen many changes, most notably within the group itself: the addition of two new theatre groups to the campus expanded the University's theatrical domain to include musical theater, medieval and renaissance theatre, and the establishment of an online presence facilitated the group's communication, both internal and external.

The Duquesne University Red Masquers hopes through this brief narrative to impart some of its rich history as the oldest amateur theatre group in the city of Pittsburgh.

For more information about the Red Masquers please email:

Pittsburgh Filmmakers

Pittsburgh Filmmakers offers courses to students during the fall, spring and summer terms. An Application for Approval of Study with the Pittsburgh Filmmakers must be completed by the student prior to taking the course(s).

Conditions are as follows:

  • A grade of C must be earned for credit to be transferred. Grades do not transfer and GPA is unaffected.
  • Normally, a student must maintain full-time status (no fewer than twelve credits) within Duquesne University. The required minimum of twelve credits does not include credits taken at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.
  • All tuition and fees for these courses must be paid by the student to Pittsburgh Filmmakers. These courses are not covered by Duquesne tuition payment, financial aid, tuition remission or scholarships.

For more information and permission, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Careers in the Theater Arts

The Theater Arts degree allows students to examine and experience the relationship between drama as literary artifact and drama as performance.

Students gain knowledge and skills in the craft of presenting plays with particular emphasis on interpretation of drama and its place within culture. In addition to the intellectual abilities developed as in all liberal arts programs, students also have the opportunity to work with the technical side of dramatic presentation.

For a look at the different Theater Arts Career Fields, click here.

Spotlight Musical Theater Company

This student-run organization has been a part of the Duquesne family for over 15 years, providing students of all majors with the opportunity to perform on stage and share their talents with Duquesne and the surrounding community.

Spotlight was specifically created to produce musical theatre productions; both cabaret performances, as well as full scale musicals. Membership to the group is open to any student with an interest in musical theatre, and auditions are required for those who wish to perform in productions. Upon becoming a member of Spotlight, participants are asked to pay dues to help support production costs. General meetings are held once a month, and rehearsals scheduled for productions are determined by the director.

A blog of the company is maintained throughout the academic year, and can be found here. For more information, please contact

The Medieval & Renaissance Players

The formation of the Players was a direct result of the desire of several members of the Duquesne University English Department (primarily Dr. Anne Brannen, Dr. Jay Keenan, and Ph.D. candidate Michelle Butler) to participate in the 1998 PLS York Cycle by producing one of the York Cycle plays. The DMRP now produces and performs medieval and Renaissance drama, and is actively seeking funding resources for its productions.

Dedicated to the idea that one of the best ways to understand drama is through performance, the Duquesne University Medieval and Renaissance Players stage medieval and Renaissance drama, particularly at conferences and other scholarly gatherings.

The purpose of the Duquesne Medieval and Renaissance Players is to stage productions of Medieval and Renaissance drama as a means of research to better understand how Medieval and Renaissance drama function within a larger social context. In this effort, we join an international interest in the reconstruction and understanding of early drama—the recently finished rebuilding of Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London and Poculi Ludique Societas of the Center for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto are well-known examples.

For more information about the Medieval and Renaissance Players, please contact:

Dr. Anne Brannen

Child winner of the Autumfest Costume Contest pictured with members of DMRP

Theater Internships

Theater internships provide a supervised observation/experience program of study in areas such as editing, technical writing, magazine and news writing, writing for business and industry, and theatrical performance and production.  Admission by permission only.  Please contact Career Services for more information.