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Sustainability: Health & Environment: Search the Online Catalog


A recreation of the ECOLOGY symbol used in early Earth Day materials, by Melanie Schleeter McCalmont. CC A-SA 3.0U. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Searching the Online Catalog

The Gumberg Library online catalog contains many works dealing with Health and the Environment.

There are a number of Library of Congress Subject Headings that will take you to books related to this subject. Some are listed below. If you need help identifying additional subject headings related to Health and the Environment, click the the Ask-a-Librarian link in the box on the upper right of the screen.  Click on one of the subject headings below to run a search for it in the online catalog.

If you click on one of the above subject headings and it turns out that you get too many results to browse through, you may remedy this by adding another another subject heading or keyword to your search.  To do this, click here to go to the QuickSearch Advanced Catalog Search screen.

Once on the QuickSearch Advanced Catalog Search screen enter you subject heading, say "Public health," into the first search box, then pull down the menu to the left of that search box and change it to "Subject." In the second search box, add a keyword, say "environment." You can leave the menu in front of this search box set on "Keyword."

Then click the Search button. This will bring up everything under the subject "Public health" which also contains the keyword "environment."