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Sustainable Business: Find Background Information

Find Background Information

Before plunging into research, it is good to know the basics of your topic. Basic information that is both authoritative and reliable can most quickly be found in reference works, like general and specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks. Gumberg Library can provide you with many such resources in both electronic and print formats. There are links on this page to the best of these electronic reference works on Sustainable Business.

You may also want to try the current events database in the box below.

News and Current Events

  • CQ Researcher
    CQ Researcher gives objective overviews of hot topics in the news, including environmental issues. The articles give opinions on all sides of an issue, and are good sources of statistics. Great resource for beginning research.
  • Sustainable Business Times
    Timely news about sustainable business, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

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Electronic Reference Works

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Electronic Reference Collections

Gumberg Library subscribes to a number of databases of electronic reference works. These cover all subject areas, and in some cases, contain hundreds of specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries and other sorts of reference works. Most of these databases permit you to search all the reference works contained in them at once. This means you do not have to have in mind a particular book to search. Great for getting started with your research.

Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability

There is no shortage of information about environmental problems and no dearth of people calling themselves experts on sustainability. In fact, there is all too much information, and strident voices with opposing claims and frightening predictions. Now, however, the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability solves the problem of information overload. The ten-volume set includes concise overviews from experts on an array of sustainability-related topics, compiled into thematic volumes. The reader will find solid research data, thorough analyses, and jargon-free discussion, effectively transforming a fast-developing research domain.

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