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Speech-Language Pathology (SLP): Duquesne

This is a guide for Speech-Language Pathology students to assist in researching, writing, learning, networking, and more

Gumberg Library Quick Links

SLP Student Organization

There is one SLP specific organization at Duquesne, in addition to the Graduate and Professional Student Council.

Health-Related Student Organizations

These are health-related student organizations at the Duquesne University.

CPR Certification Options

The following are potential places for CPR certification in Pittsburgh.

Other Requirements

Duquesne Health Sciences students may be required to fulfill additional paperwork, examinations, and training to participate in a program.

Duquesne Athletics

Duquesne Dukes

Follow all the University of Duquesne sports teams on the athletics homepage. The Dukes can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

Duquesne Recreation and Fitness

Stay active at Duquesne through the Recreation Department.

Duquesne Special Student Services

Duquesne University offers assistance to students with special needs.