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What is PsycTESTS?

PsycTESTS provides access to published, un-published, and commercially used psychological tests, measurements, and instruments.  It offers links to supporting documentation, articles discussing instruments from conception to use, and, in many cases, full or partial access to the tests. PsycTESTS is provided by the American Psychological Association. (Vendor Description)


PsycTESTS and this guide will help you in navigating the three steps to finding a research instrument: 

1. Identify: Determine the best research instrument for your topic

2. Assess: judge the quality and evaluate the effectiveness of your selected test

3. Obtain: determine permissions and find the full text of the test



  • Includes full tests for 76% of results.
  • Links to articles about test development, use, and review.
  • Includes access to validity, reliability measures, and permissions.
  • Updated monthly by the APA.
  • Incudes tests dating from 1896-present.
  • Includes PDF, HTML, software, and multimedia formats. 
  • Provides easy access to full or partial tests without looking outside the database!


Helpful PsycTESTS Links


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